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MECCA Services
5525 Meredith Street, Suite C,
Des Moines, IA50311
(515) 262-0349

Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment

Residency: Outpatient

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance, Access to Recovery

Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)

Specializing in DUI/DWI offenders

MECCA Services is a community-based, not-for-profit organization offering substance abuse and behavioral health services from eight locations in the primary service area of Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Polk, Warren, and Washington Counties.
MECCA programs and services span the entire treatment and prevention continuum. Our staff is committed to providing the best possible individualized care to our clients. MECCA is licensed by the Iowa Dept. of Public Health to provide substance abuse and problem gambling services and is accredited as a mental health care provider through the Iowa Dept. of Human Services.
Bridges of Iowa
1985 Northeast 51st Place,
Des Moines, IA50313
(515) 287-8255

Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment, Halfway house

Residency: Residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days)

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Access to Recovery

Specializing in Men, Criminal justice clients

Mission Statement
Bridges of Iowa is a faith-based substance abuse treatment program which addresses the root causes of addiction and criminality building a bridge to a productive life in service to society.
The BOI Vision Statement
Graduates of the Bridges of Iowa program will live a transformed and successful life by remaining free from alcohol, drugs and crime. They will continue an individual spiritual journey and further develop a relationship with God. They will be successfully employed and contribute positively to their families and to the communities in which they live and work
United Community Services
4908 Franklin Avenue,
Des Moines, IA50310
(515) 280-3860

Hotline Phone Numbers: (515) 280-3860

Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detoxification

Residency: Outpatient

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE), Access to Recovery

Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)

Specializing in Women, Men, Criminal justice clients

United Community Services (UCS) is an Iowa-based non-profit corporation and is licensed by the State of Iowa to provide substance abuse treatment services. The current organization was incorporated on November 11, 1997. UCS is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Director.
The mission of UCS is to provide quality care in a recovery focused system. Our vision is to provide care in partnership with persons served and in collaboration with the community to improve health and quality of life. Individuals served are the cornerstone of our business and clinical standards. Our relationship with them must be built upon honesty, credibility, professionalism, and mutual respect.
Our motto is: Recovery Begins with Hope.
Over the past three years, UCS has treated approximately 2,400 individuals for addiction. Services provided include: assessment, treatment planning, individual and group therapies and medication assisted treatment. Our staff is comprised of certified addiction counselors, three pharmacists and one physician who all work together to use various best practices and philosophies to tailor an effective plan for each individual client, as well as, family members in certain cases. Aftercare services are provided along with community resource referrals. Case management services provide financial, job, health and housing resources to clients.
Please contact United Community Services at 515-280-3860. UCS staff members will answer any questions you may have and provide assistance as needed.
Iowa Lutheran Hospital
Powell Chemical Dependency Center
700 East University Avenue, 4th Floor,
Des Moines, IA50316
(515) 263-2424

Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Buprenorphine Services

Residency: Hospital inpatient, Residential short-term treatment (30 days or less), Outpatient, Partial hospitalization/day treatment

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)

UnityPoint Health - Des Moines provides coordinated clinic, hospital and home-based care for patients in Des Moines and Central Iowa.

We are led by nearly 290 physicians and providers working in more than 50 UnityPoint Clinic locations. They are supported by our state-of-the-art UnityPoint Health - Des Moines hospitals - Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Blank Children's Hospital and Methodist West Hospital - and cancer center along with our home health care services, UnityPoint at Home.

The Difference Is We Knew Better: Interview With a Cocaine Addict - Addicted

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The Difference Is We Knew Better: Interview With a Cocaine Addict

Jeanne Sparks-Carreker

Friday, September 14, 2007 Ever wonder what it is like to live every second of every day with a craving for a substance which has not only destroyed your life, but which has destroyed the lives of those around you, taken away everyone's trust in you, and labeled you with a title that includes you in the same categories as the lowest members of society?

Brenda Manning of Birmingham, Alabama can relate. Her family has disowned her, the business which once held her as a top, valued employee, and which gave her employee of the month plaques three times in two years finally dismissed her. She has been evicted from the apartment she lived in with her children, and just this past November, she lost custody of her twelve year old daughter by a decision within the Family Court System of Jefferson County.

She now lives in a friend's home which has no power or water service because the bills have not been paid by the eight adult residents. Rather, any money accumulated has been used to purchase cocaine. Brenda is a 42 year old Caucasian female, and is noticeably restless as she sits down on the couch in the small, dirty livingroom. Our surroundings seem to lack everything, as if all the valuables and appliances that once sat in this small, old house has been used to barter another hit of cocaine.

JSC: When did you first start using drugs?

BRENDA: I started smoking pot when I was in junior high. I guess I was about twelve or thirteen. I got in with the wrong crowd, you know what I mean.

JSC: Did you finish school?

BRENDA: No, I dropped out when I was sixteen. I really stopped going when I was about fourteen. I just dodged the truancy people. They gave up after a while. Well, when we were kids, anyways.

JSC: What was your home life like back then, Brenda?

BRENDA: My mama worked a lot, I guess. I didn't know my father too good. She had too much to do and couldn't keep up with me, really. It was alright, but I didn't have anyone telling me what to do too much, so I got to do what I wanted.

JSC: When did you decide to try harder drugs?

BRENDA: I guess I was around eighteen, at a party, you know, the whole peer-pressure thing happening. I had been scared of the harder stuff, but then when I tried it, it didn't kill me. I liked it too much, too.

JSC: What drug was it that you tried at the party?

BRENDA: There were people free-basing cocaine. I knew I was hooked the first few seconds after I took a hit. It's owned me every since.

Two males had entered the livingroom from a far bedroom, and as Brenda commented on the cocaine "owning" her, they nodded in understanding, then made their way to another room to my left.

JSC: When did you have children?

BRENDA: I got pregnant with my first kid when I was twenty-two. I was workin' the streets to make money, truck stops and all. She went to live with my mother when I had her cause I didn't think I ...

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