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It is widely understood that about 1 in 10 people have the disease of alcoholism. That 10% of the population includes all races, creeds, ages, sexes, religions, and all other factors. Alcoholism does not discriminate any of these; it simple exists when the individual has the threefold illness.
Some of us spend our entire lives chasing an elusive feel-good sensation, whether it comes from drinking, smoking, taking drugs, spending too fast and freely, or overeating. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, students, homemakers, athletes, young and old, rich and poor, it makes no difference who you are or where you live. Anyone can become dependent. Alcohol dependency is by far the most common addiction, but certainly not the only one.
By getting to know ourselves, we can learn to set reasonable boundaries. It is hard to do this when we are not in touch with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. When we disconnect from our wants and needs, and instead focus on weight, body image, diet, and food, we lose valuable information. We also lose awareness of the inner guidance system that says “Something is wrong—a boundary needs to be set here.”
Looking for Meth Addiction Treatment Centers in in Birmingham,, AL? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around in Birmingham,, AL that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Meth Addiction Treatment Centers in in Birmingham,, AL.
Methadone has become the hot topic publicly due to it being finally accepted as a proper form of heroin and opiate addiction treatment. Universities and other medical institutions of learning have incorporated addiction into separate course studies, prior to the early part of this century, the only study on addiction in 4 years of medical school was approximately one hour in length, 3/4 of which was spent on alcohol addiction. Read on for more.
A big problem for many smokers trying to quit is handling the craving for nicotine. Nicotine increases the levels of chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, attention and memory, making it far more difficult to avoid a craving than many people might think. Smokefree.gov, an online resource designed to help those trying to quit, offers the following tips when trying to quit.
Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, in the sex addiction recovery movement, there are several different groups you can attend. These 12 step support groups vary slightly in name and in practice. To make it more complicated, these groups are even a little different from each other from state to state. The "check in" time is one thing that is common in most all twelve step meetings. Read on for more.
Shopping addiction is a disorder that our culture has largely seen fit to smile upon. Feelings of emptiness, low self-esteem, insecurity, boredom, loneliness--or the pursuit of ideal image--can lead people to shopping addictions. But managing these feelings and mood states by becoming a shopaholic can have extremely serious consequences and significantly erode quality of life. Read for more.