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Alcohol creates a physical and psichological dependance, and a progressive degradation in all the aspects of life. Read on and get more information about alcoholism.

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Facts about Alcohol

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Facts About Alcohol

Aldo Bonincontro

Friday, September 14, 2007 The excess of alcoholic drinking makes persons addicted as for cocaine, heroine, LSD, etc., althouch alcohol typically becomes a drug only when we exceed a certain daily amount.

Alcohol creates a physical and psichological dependance, and a progressive degradation in all the aspects of life.

The first consequence is the typical confusional state typical of drunk people, that slowly becomes a constant in the addicted life, leading to dementia.

Then, the addicted becomes more and more closed in him/herself neglecting personal care, social relations and work, losing the normal inhibitions to keep the self-control.

The other main victim of alcoholism is liver; it tries to metabolize it, but invain, given the great amount of alcohol to face. The degradation process, infact, produces its oxidation to acetic aldeyde,(CH3-CH=O) and acetic acid (CH3-COOH) more harmful than ethylic alcohol.

This continuous stress logorates liver cells making them die and be replaced by fibrous cells. So, liver goes towards the cirrhosis that causes death.

Alcoholism also causes a precocious ageing and a weakening of many organic functions as blood circulation, digestion and the immune system.

Alcoholism is a great social problem in many Countries, expecially in Northern Europe and North America, where the frequent depressing insulation caused by long and cold winters are a greater temptation to give to the bottle.


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