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Sex addiction is used to describe the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex. Read the following articles to learn all about sex addiction, including how to prevent and treat it.

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Your partner or spouse has probably suffered in many ways from your addiction including the inability to be emotionally intimate, financial loss, humiliation due to your behavior and the list goes on. If she is deciding to work this out with you as you recover, you are very fortunate and in my experience you would be in the minority. "What should I tell her?" is one of the first questions I hear from an addict who wants to protect his marriage. Read for more.

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Every addiction costs the addict something. You can probably talk all day about emotional, relational, social and vocational losses that occurred due to your sexual addiction. Determining the cost, in financial terms has helped many sex addicts put in perspective the immense damage that their sexual addiction has caused in their life. Read on for more.

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Sex addicts who want to act out have to find the time to do so. This time may be used to groom or "romance" someone, cruise, or get sexually explicit material. Since the addict can't tell anyone what he is doing, he has a couple of choices regarding the explanation of his whereabouts. The point is that to act out takes unaccountable time, so the reverse is true about getting into recovery.

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In the addict's active sexually addicted life-style, he rarely thinks of the pain he is causing himself or anyone else. In recovery from sex addiction, when the addiction "talks to you" it will try to sell you as to how "A little bit won't hurt," or "Who will know? You can act out just one more time. You are sober enough. It won't affect your recovery." A tool that has helped many recovering addicts maintain recovery is having a negative experience locked in, almost memorized that maximizes the pain and minimizes the pleasure to act out.

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Prayer is something that many sexual addicts find difficult to do. This is especially true if they have been avoiding God because of the shame and guilt of their behavior or possibly what was done to them in the past. Prayer is simply a behavior that when put in place, can change the addict's disposition. We know from other addictions that an addiction is basically self will run riot. This expression of addiction is basically "doing your own thing." Read for more.

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Television presents some major dilemmas for the sex addict. The current pop culture is a highly sexual one. Television viewing is not a safe place for sex addicts especially during the early part of their recovery. Here are some boundaries that many sex addicts in my practice have chosen in order to maintain a successful recovery.

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Dealing with emotions for sex addicts can be tricky. Many sex addicts early in recovery have very few feeling skills. During recovery, especially after completing your feeling exercises, you will begin to become better acquainted with yourself and your feelings. Being aware of your feelings will be helpful, but it will not make them less difficult. In your recovery journey, you will find that some feelings are very difficult for you to manage. Read for more.

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Many sex addicts have particular driving routes, which feed their sexual addiction. These routes may include driving by a certain convenience store, adult bookstore, adult dance club, or massage parlor. Many of these places become a regular part of the sex addicts driving route. Before or after work or maybe on lunch break the addict will go to one of several places to get a look, buy something and experience his addiction once again. Read for more.