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Alcoholism may appear after the first drink, many years of drinking, or after a period of binge drinking. If a person's culture is alcohol free, obviously the genetic influence will not cause alcoholism.

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Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment

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It is Nava’s Mission to offer a comfortable and safe environment, where the recovery process can be facilitated by providing non-judgmental, respectful, and supportive interaction through teamwork. We aim to give guidance in order to allow a person to strengthen and maintain a life free from drugs and alcohol. Our mental health therapy will promote wellness and a healing process. We are further dedicated in initiating and supporting projects that provide community awareness, research, and treatment on behavioral healthcare.

At Nava our philosophy focuses on preventing and treating addiction in a fashion that will provide long-term abstinence and decrease recidivism amongst addicts and alcoholics. We assist all of our clients in developing a workable and reasonable treatment plan, which will help each client to re-direct their path of life and secure abstinence from drugs and alcohol. We strongly believe that the clients enrolled in our treatment program have the ability to let go of past behaviors that have placed them in our hands, and they will be able to succeed by discovering themselves while under the guidance and care of our team.

We will provide every client with opportunity to achieve healthy stability and to learn all the necessary tools to reach their treatment goals. We help overcome the hopelessness of continuous disappointment that relapse brings and a recovery that will last a lifetime. We are determined and motivated to give back freedom, life, respect, and avenues for change that strengthen and enhance our newly found life of abstinence.

Nava Counseling Services, LLC, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, was founded by Mr. Lee King on December 1, 1999 and in May of 2007, we became a limited liability company. Our first office opened in Hatch, New Mexico to serve the rural areas of our county and since then we have opened additional offices in the following counties: Luna, Dona Ana, Otero, and Sierra. We continue striving to expand access to recovery services and providing evidence based treatment to provide high quality services to treat substance abuse and mental health disorders in an outpatient office environment. Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in a range of therapeutic treatments. The clinicians at Nava are licensed by the State of New Mexico at the highest level of proficiency in their respective fields.

What Causes Alcoholism?

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What Causes Alcoholism?

Philip Sicks

Friday, September 14, 2007 What causes alcoholism? Alcoholism is a disease caused in part by genetics, in part by culture, and in part by personal choice.

Several twin studies have looked at the different alcoholism rate between twins using a group of identical twins and a group of fraternal twins. If alcoholism were only a behavior learned in the home, a set of identical twins should have the same rate of alcoholism as a set of fraternal twins. In fact, if one identical twin is an alcoholic the odds that the other will be also is higher than the odds for fraternal twins. Because identical twins have the same set of genes, and fraternal twins do not, there must be something in the genes themselves that increases the chances of becoming an alcoholic. (Crabbe, J.C., & Harris, R.A., eds. The Genetic Basis of Alcohol and Drug Actions. New York: Plenum Press, 1991.)

Culture also plays a part. Alcoholism may appear after the first drink, many years of drinking, or after a period of binge drinking. If a person's culture is alcohol free, obviously the genetic influence will not cause alcoholism. If the culture only approves of light drinking and occasional drinking, the rate of alcoholism will be lower than a culture that encourages alcohol use. (American Psychologist, 39, 1337-1351, 1984. Reprinted in W.R. Miller (Ed.), Alcoholism: Theory, research, and treatment, Lexington, MA: Gunn, 1985.)

Personal choice also plays a role. Som...

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