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When addiction grips a person, they become cocooned in their own existence, The outside world becomes alien, so they disassociate themselves from it, even their family.

Bristlecone Family Resources
Outpatient Services
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Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment

Residency: Outpatient

Payment Accepted: Self payment, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)

Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)

Languages: Spanish

Specializing in Women, Men, Criminal justice clients

Bristlecone Family Resources offers the most comprehensive addiction and mental wellness treatment and prevention services in northern Nevada. Bristlecone customizes treatment plans which then serve as a road map for clients in pursuit of a clean and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Bristlecone offers the full range of treatment and prevention services including social model detoxification, residential, transitional living, outpatient, aftercare, and community education and outreach. Our staff puts extra effort into making sure that clients have access to all of the resources available in our community. We don’t compete with other agencies; instead, we focus on partnership to ensure that our community’s addiction treatment and prevention needs are served.

Bristlecone bases its treatment planning on the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s “13 Principles of Effective Treatment”. These principles require addressing any obstacles that clients face. Education, job training, child care, transportation, health care, occupational, and life skills training are just a few of the needs we help clients address. Only by tackling a client’s needs head-on does the individual have a real shot at a successful recovery program.

Keeping up on the latest research and best practices is a primary focus for Bristlecone’s expert staff. Counselors, advocates, and other treatment staff regularly attend training and conferences to keep abreast of the latest research, and many of our staff are pursuing advanced degrees. Our treatment planning focuses on using Evidence Based Practices that have been demonstrated successful through research and clinical practice.
Vitality Center
Footprints Counseling
1135 Terminal Way, Suite 112,
Reno, NV89502
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Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment

Residency: Outpatient

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance

Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)

Founded in 1971, Vitality Unlimited has been the life work of Dorothy B. North, Chief Executive Officer, and Ester Quilici, Chief Operations Officer, who sought and found dignified and effective solutions to assisting substance abusers get their lives on track.

Along the way, they discovered a host of other unmet community needs and launched programs to address them as well. With the vision and hard work of these two dedicated women, and a financial foundation built on low-interest loans, contracts, government grants, private donations and service fees, Vitality Unlimited has become a powerful force in improving the social service fabric of Nevada.

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The Early Days
When outpatient programming began in Elko in 1971, no drug or alcohol treatment services existed in northeastern Nevada. The organization that later became Vitality Center was incorporated in Nevada on February 1, 1972. In 1979, residential treatment services were added and, in 1981, the only detoxification/CPC unit outside the Las Vegas or Reno Metropolitan Statistical Areas was added.

In 1985, the organization adopted the name Vitality Center, established itself as a headquarters, and moved into a new building located at 3740 Idaho Street in Elko, where it continues today. In 1990, increased population and special needs factors prompted the addition of a residential treatment program for adolescents. Utilization and need have further fueled Vitality Center's expansion to include programs in six Nevada counties.

Expanding Our Depth and Breadth
Vitality Center offers a wide range of community services to Nevadans and others, including mental health services, drug test collection services, employee assistance counseling, marriage and family counseling, credit counseling, mental health services, and detoxification/Civil Protective Custody services. More >>

A Solid Foundation
Vitality Center has managed local, state, federal, and private grant awards and contracts since its inception in 1971. Throughout its history, the agency has soundly managed the treatment side of its programs, as evidenced by the referrals and numerous Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) contracts it has received. Vitality Center also manages the financial side of its programs, augmenting state money with third-party payments and client fees. Vitality Center's accounting systems are exemplary, meeting GAAP, state, and federal requirements. Vitality Unlimited currently maintains over $4.0 million in assets with over 50 employees while successfully managing and balancing a $3.44 million annual budget.

The Next Level
In 2005, as part of a strategic planning initiative, Vitality Unlimited was born as an umbrella entity to encompass and differentiate Vitality Center and its substance abuse programs, Homes for Healthy Living, and the organization’s Community Outreach programs.

Vitality Lake Tahoe, providing substance abuse residential, outpatient treatment, DUI School and transitional care became a sister organization of Vitality Unlimited in 2009. Vitality Lake Tahoe provides services to the South Lake Tahoe area.

Vitality Veterans was established in 2010 to provide housing and wrap-around services to homeless Veterans living in VISN 21 (the Sierra Nevada Region) and currently has transitional housing available to 30 homeless Veterans.
Life Change Center
1755 Sullivan Lane,
Sparks, NV89431
(775) 355-7734

Services Offered: Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detoxification, Buprenorphine Services

Residency: Outpatient

Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)

Specializing in Pregnant/postpartum women

We are the premier adult outpatient center in Northern Nevada for opiate dependency and addiction. We maintain a long term, qualified team of professionals,experienced in the specifics of opiate addiction and treatment. Now in our 8th year of operation, American Therapeutic Association has a name to better reflect our philosophy and focous.

Why a Person Becomes an Addict

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Why a Person Becomes an Addict

Danielle Morgan

Friday, September 14, 2007 They are many reasons to why a person becomes addicted to drugs.

They can be from very different back rounds.

Drugs affect people in many different ways, but one thing they can share, is a very powerful addiction to a drug they no longer have control of.

There are many physiological and physical problems that can affect a drug user, as a result of their drug use, here are some of the effects,



Low self esteem,

withdrawal symptoms - IE, muscle cramps, sweating, bowel problems, nausea, pain and many more.


Self loathing,

Personality disorders,


These a just a few to mention, and as you can imagine, one would be enough to deal with, let alone five or all, which is very much a possibility.

As i mentioned, there are people that become addicted for many different reasons. Here are a few example,

- Emotional trauma, wanting to escape from recent or past traumatic experience

-Recreational use, which leads to addiction,

-Peer pressure, wanting to fit in, or pressure from partners, or family members,

-Curiosity, wanting to get high.

There are many reasons, but the outcomes are all pretty much alike.

When addiction grips a person, they become cocooned in their own existence, The outside world becomes alien, so they disassociate themselves from it, even their family.

It becomes a desperate life, for as their tolerance grow so does the cost,which leads to criminal activity's.

For many this leads to prison, but it only deters a few, but i believe a person has to wan,t to change, you can not force them.

For the loved ones trying to help, with no outcome its little wonder they call, heroine and crack cocaine "The Devils Drug".

They deeper one falls into the devils web, the harder it is to escape its grasp.

The word "reality" becomes an enemy, for one of the reasons their tolerance grows, is beca...

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