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When addiction grips a person, they become cocooned in their own existence, The outside world becomes alien, so they disassociate themselves from it, even their family.

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Why a Person Becomes an Addict

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Why a Person Becomes an Addict

Danielle Morgan

Friday, September 14, 2007 They are many reasons to why a person becomes addicted to drugs.

They can be from very different back rounds.

Drugs affect people in many different ways, but one thing they can share, is a very powerful addiction to a drug they no longer have control of.

There are many physiological and physical problems that can affect a drug user, as a result of their drug use, here are some of the effects,



Low self esteem,

withdrawal symptoms - IE, muscle cramps, sweating, bowel problems, nausea, pain and many more.


Self loathing,

Personality disorders,


These a just a few to mention, and as you can imagine, one would be enough to deal with, let alone five or all, which is very much a possibility.

As i mentioned, there are people that become addicted for many different reasons. Here are a few example,

- Emotional trauma, wanting to escape from recent or past traumatic experience

-Recreational use, which leads to addiction,

-Peer pressure, wanting to fit in, or pressure from partners, or family members,

-Curiosity, wanting to get high.

There are many reasons, but the outcomes are all pretty much alike.

When addiction grips a person, they become cocooned in their own existence, The outside world becomes alien, so they disassociate themselves from it, even their family.

It becomes a desperate life, for as their tolerance grow so does the cost,which leads to criminal activity's.

For many this leads to prison, but it only deters a few, but i believe a person has to wan,t to change, you can not force them.

For the loved ones trying to help, with no outcome its little wonder they call, heroine and crack cocaine "The Devils Drug".

They deeper one falls into the devils web, the harder it is to escape its grasp.

The word "reality" becomes an enemy, for one of the reasons their tolerance grows, is beca...

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